a short trip to iOS 
14.5.14, 09:37 - Linux
ok folks,
i have never been a friend of apple or its devices.
too much religion, too expensive, too closed source.


one shall never say never.
My little webOS device died. The display just stopped working. I guess the flat ribbon was somehow broken.

And after just using my 6310 for some time i missed whattsapp.
Lucky me: a friend bought the latest apple thing and gave me his "old" apple 4s.
It really looked like new. wow. Happy to have a smartphone again :D

After a very short time i started missing some features on ios that i am so used to from webos: the possibility to attach a picture to an email. the chance to "swipe" through the opened apps.
the easy copy and paste things with one button. the KEYBOARD... man yes, i love a physical keyboard.

If I was an apple top manager, I'd take a closer look on how webos works and its little tricks to make life easier.

I repaired my Veer.
Back on track now, even with a lot of apps missing and APIs dying.
(like the google api last month or the twitter api and so on)

HP did the silliest thing in computer history. congrats! But not alone:
The webOS division was doing the poorest job ever. I read somewhere there were about 400 emoployees programing webos. Well... it looks like there were only 20 programing and 380 drinking coffee (or liquor).

Even back then when webos was alive there could have been 100 things easily implemented like native twitter support, complete jabber instead of googletalk only, caldav and things.
this is nothing impossible to do, no secret knowledge involved. this is a onemanoneday job.

Webos is dead. And i mean really dead like a dodo... but still better than a living iOS

how to fix the google and youtube api is written on precentral.net.

have fun

my twitter post on this topic immediately called some people explaining the "secrets" of ios...
and in deed it is possible to attatch a photo to an email by doubletapping the email, hitting the arrow right selecting add photo or video while dancing naked in the rain singing Bird is the word



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