A short little BASIC game 
31.8.21, 08:11 - retro & C64
I was a little bored yesterday in my lunchbreak, so I read old magazines on archive.org. Creative Computing, to be precise, a magazin for computer hobbyists, published from '74 to '85 by David Ahl.
I found a short BASIC program in issue 1-77 called STRIKE 9 - a little dice game.
It was typed in fast and worked out of the box in vintage basic.
Proud as oscar I showed the result on twitter, and the original author, Bruce Grembowski stated:

Another piece of software restored. Grab it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mFb7QHregk4Rs53HDGboMERwMhcgm-3u/view?usp=sharing

have fun,


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