Mass Storage for your KIM-1 
18.4.21, 14:47 - retro & C64
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Storage devices for your KIM-1 microcomputer were traditional either Tape drives or Punched Paper Tape solutions.
The possibility to connect the KIM's and it's clones via the serial connection to a modern PC helped a lot for transfering the ASCII data of a papertape to the KIM-1.
Yet Tape devices became more and more obsolete and its not that easy to buy cassettes nowadays.
Of course you can serve the wave file over the lineout / linein connection of your computer also, but Willem Andewiel figured out a way to simplify it a lot:

The Kim direct Tape Recorder "dTR"

The files are stored on an ESP Microcontroller (with wifi access) and can be played back directly to the Tape I/O Line of the KIM, or save files from the KIM on the EPS. This works as well for original KIMs as for newer Clones.

Via the microcontrollers webinterface you can upload and download files.

Difficulties till now:
The dTR uses a special HEX format to insert the bites to the tape line. These files are produced by a program called ptp2hex. It is available as sourcecode from Willems Github:

To compile it under Windows (cygwin) I needed to replace Line 24 with "#include <stdlib.h>" and later in Line 151 replace the "int eol = strlen(lineIn) -5;" by "int eol = strlen(lineIn) -6;" under windows the end of the line is 2 characters - we need to cut off one more at the end of a papertape line ...
As I am the only one in the world using this tapedevice under windows, it makes no sense to share it, i guess...
anyway: is the *.exe
Thats it. Loading like a charme. Let's hope I can get it saving also ;)

So long,
yours, webdoktor

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