power consumption tipps for your webos palm pre 
27.5.10, 16:11 - Linux
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As you might have read in my prior posts i am the proud owner of a palm pre. i love this device: not only its linux os called "webOS" but also the userfriendly interface. its brilliant and i am very sure it will be beating up apfels shit very soon.

but it has (or had) 2 problems:
1. speed - well this is solved, read my last post :D
2. battery life

now. normally my phones akku lasts 14 hours till it starts whining. now both of my employees _also_ got a palm pre, as i was praising it all the time. now their akku lasts 2 days. bummer.

both do not use online connections, except wifi in my store when they really need it, so this must be a reason... I've googled a bit and found some tricks to double your uptime:

first use the telefones options to switch off 3g and only use 2g. thats enough, umts is slow anyway, and you can switch it back on if you need to, even more if you have wifi everywhere.
2. in your email options switch from push email to pull (every 30 minutes for example). ---reduced online traffic = longer battery life
3. switch off gps (as in 1: you can switch it back on with a wipe)
4. switch off instant messaging...

well give it a try or buy a bigger battery


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