how to connect a RaspberryPi to a C64 
3.2.13, 18:09 - retro & C64
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Both computers share a UART RS232 ("serial") port in TTL levels,
the C64 0 / 5V, the RPi 0 / 3.3V

if you connect this 2 direct you may damage your raspberry's CPU.
I found out 2 ways of combining the two:

My first (and used, working) idea was to use max232 chips to get the original RS232 level on both sides.
I already used this to connect my c64 to my PC, for the rpi I ordered such an interface for 2$ on ebay.
You need to connect the uart-rs232 module to the GPIO pins as shown in this picture:

(from ... -port.html )

connect it to your C64, set up yout raspberry to talk in a speed your c64 can follow
in /etc/inittab set the last line to

T0:23:respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttyAMA0 300 cater

(which means 300 baud , terminal emulation 'cater' on the serial line)

Visit to teach your Raspberry to use a language your C64 understands.

done :-D

You are now able to use Your C64 as an I/O for the Rpi (so much acronyms :-) ). For more on this topic visit one of my prior postings on the topic "connecting a c64 to a PC."

The more advanced version to connect both computers is not to wire them via level up / level down switching, but rather just cut the 5 V down to 3.3 ... I found some tipps here: ... should work as well ;-)
founf this in a german electronics shop: ... ional.html
should be the one you search for ;)

have fun experimenting !
CaTer, a C64 Terminal for using Linux 
14.12.12, 20:53 - retro & C64
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terminal programs for your 30 year old commodore is nothing really new, but this one is a bit special:
it is designed as a cartridge, so you do not have to load any programm, but rather just turn on your c64.
the serial connection is being etablished with the build in 232 routines; very simple, but slow.
just a little glue to get the same voltage levels on both sides, C64 and Linux PC...

On the PC side you need to teach your Linux to talk not too much (40 colums 25 rows on the c64)

the authors manual is great:
seht und staunt:

another oilpain(t) destroid :D 
28.11.12, 11:33 - retro & C64
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well, i love destoying kitschy oilpaintings
this in my 5th.... (not really ready the invaders eyes are missing)
before I've damaged some alpine panaorama with lemmings, pacman and tetris, right now its

space invaders


unboxing Get ' em DX for C64 
6.11.12, 10:17 - retro & C64
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as always, J. Monkman was just in time :D
Here we go. the first impressions of my Get 'em DX Cartridge for C64

wanna see whats inside? go click on Read more :-D

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Get Em dx 
15.10.12, 09:31 - retro & C64
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another quality C64 game appeared, called


(needless to say again this rottensteiner game is addictive)

The Game is like Pacman meets Duke: shoot the monsters and eat the cookies in a maze. Different monsters, cool "bonus weapons" and a 2 player mode make this C64 game the best release in 2012 (for me ;-) )

and of course here'S some video for you (after the break)
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