TwitterMatrixTicker using a Raspberry Pi and an old Matrix Printer 
29.3.13, 11:52 - Linux
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hahah what a great fun:
imagine an old Matrix printer connected to your Raspberry Pi, printing out tweets for you instantly...

Sounds easy? well, not _that_ easy...
First of all I connected my RPi to the old Citizen 120D Matrix printer, finding out that the micro computer does not recognize it as printer. bummer...
A quick search told me that its a missing module named usblp.ko. And the worst thing is: you need to crosscompile your kernel in order to get this Module
I followed the instructions on elinux: It took the whole evening to download all tools, kerneal sources and to compile the thing.

ok ... Today, very early i got to install and boot the kernel and the module and tried to run the TwitterMatrixTicker script i found ( ... tweet.html ) to output the twittersearch for my login direct on the printer.
guess: not working: the device /dev/usb/lp0 needs to be chmodded
so i did sudo chmod 666 /dev/usb/lp0 and .....
tadaaaa ... a first hello appeared after echo hello >/dev/usb/lp0

thats it...

now i can use it in my showcase in Frankfurt to attract people ;)

p.s. I have problems initializing the printer. the USB-Parallel port device is messing around with the old printer on startup. to use it, disconnect it, send a file to the printer, connect it and then its working...

now c'mon and twitter to @masterhit
good night and teaser 
27.3.13, 22:45 - TM
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another quiet brilliant team evening is ending.
thanks blackwolf, aequitas, rehcil
<3 trackmania <3

and here a teaser for next week:

think about what can be done with a raspbery pi, a funny script, and an old P.O.S. printer with an usb-centronics interface.

surprise on my 3DS 
22.3.13, 12:10 - nintendo
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about 2 years ago i wrote about an independent game called knytt stories: a perfect playable, moody platformer with brilliant (retro) grafics by a guy called nifflas
as i opened up nintendos 3ds shop last week i discovered a game called night sky. by the promoted video and screendumps i thought that this nearly looked like knytt.
a further investigation brought that niffla is of course also the author of night sky...
Its not freeware as knytt stories, and its not a budget game for 1 or 3,50 €. the pricetag says 10 euro, and what shall i say, its worth every cent.


whats it all about? a mixture of marble madness and knytt stories \o/ the 3d effect is not necessary to play the 2d game (just like in new super mario bros 2)

i'll post some pics later... first i have to play a bit
..... 5 h later... the energy is low ;-)
i've found some pictures on with a little summary

imho this is one of the best 3ds games released so far. but it also means niffla is not the small independent programmer anymore. anyway, i am happy to have this game.

I've found a video reviewing da ting

have fun, stay young, stay curious

I blame the Government! 
21.3.13, 11:48 - Dies und Das
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Why don't they do anything against this brutal injustice?
un be liev a ble

Its officially springtime since yesterday and we stil have to suffer this temperatures. And from what I heard it's getting even worse!

I spur the government into action! Mrs. Merkel, do something:

Spring, NOW!

Frühling, JETZT!

windows port of gphoto2 
18.3.13, 17:42 - Linux
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sadly the weather is not mindblowing, so i still have some spare time to tinker a bit with my toys.
a cheap nikon here in my office shall be used with gphoto2 to make a timelapse film.
all my linux pcs are @home, so i needed a windows port of gphoto2 (it's a remote control tool for nearly any digital camera)

my first guess was just to install cygwin and have a package called gphoto, but ... möööööp ... no.
so back to basic: i learned how to compile stuff on my own sind sshd on my 486 ;)
unimaginable boatloads of dependencies are waiting for you if you try to compile gphoto2, but i made it.
sadly libusb-win32 didn't initialize my camera, but some guys already had this probblem:

Download the latest binary version of libusb-win32 from here, unzip it somewhere, and run ./bin/inf-wizard.exe, select your camera and when you're finished click the "Install" button.

this worked, and i even found a precompiled (older) version of gphoto... so if you di not want to go to alllll the way through the compile sh** just take a closer lokok on this site:

and finally i am able to remotely control my camera with a windows pc..


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