touchpad arrived 
25.9.11, 19:18 - Linux
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Finally I just needed this Touchpad :-D
When it hit the market it was far too expensive, in the "firesale" I had no chance of getting one. So I ordered a new one at Ebay... for far more than 99, but less then the original 360...

So what to do with it?

I'm deeply impressed of the sound. Its really amazing what these 2 mini speakers are able to produce . respect!

And of course I need to make it a lil more usuble:
Which means: Preware, Xterm, and Uberkernel (1,56ghz)
now its def. faster than the ishit#2 (not the apps, just the flops :-P )

next i need some ubuntu on the pad i think

Happy Birthday Linux 
25.8.11, 11:57 - Linux
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Nachdem wir vor 2 jahren 40 jahre unix zelebrierten, ist nun ein weiterer runder Geburtstag dran:

Linux ist 20 Jahre alt

Und heise hat selbstverständlich einen guten Artikel dazu bereitgestellt.

Und wiedereinmal möchte ich das alte Mantra herunterpredigen:

Spielt mit Linux!
Beschäftigt euch mit der Gedankenwelt dahinter!
Und ich meine nicht die Klicki Bunti Versionen, sondern die Datenstrukturen, Systemordner, grundlegende Befehle.
und immerwieder gebe ich diese Schulung als Referenz an, um einen Einstieg zu finden:

danke fürs gehör


fire sale at hp was even more disappointing 
24.8.11, 17:20 - Linux
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i really really tried to get one of those touchpads. but the HP servers just broke down. and unexplainable the next morning (got up at 5 am) all touchpads were sold out. and all pre3 and veers.
hard to tell why, when the servers were down. grrrrrrrrrrr

so now lets just hope samsung or htc is aware of the run and ports webOS to their tablets.
i think if its possible to rund android on a touchpad, it must be possible to run webOS on another platform with a armv9

have fun, lets hope for this good os to stay alive

a sad day for the webos community 
19.8.11, 08:58 - Linux
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imagine you have a perfect operating system for a smartphone, open source friendly, open for anybody to programm on, but noone is giving a sh*t and its a flop on the market, even if the price is fair.

hp pulled the ripcord.
they've bought palm (and webos) for more than a billion $, they pumped another billion in the wrecking company and after a year they've found that nothing changed:
-devices still don't sell
-hardware is not bleeding edge
-even worse: 5 different webos version are around, each more or less incompatible to another and the worst
-this scared all developers away

but still the OS is unique and a million times better than andr0id and i0s.

as there is a boatload of tablets not selling i expect to see the price falling in some days. and i really think i'll get one

and a nice quote from another article on this day:
We don’t know, but at least webOS would still be alive. If HP can’t find a buyer or licensees, webOS is as good as dead.

:-( :-( :-(
X Server on my HP Veer running firefox (under debian chroot)  
12.8.11, 13:31 - Linux
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Finaly i found the time to follow the instructions and installed dtzwill's Xserver and Xterm and a debian system on my Veer.

What is this X thing?
to desribe it best imagine this as the standard graphical output under linux. so every graphical programm under linux should work (including openoffice, gimp and firefox, etc.

but webos is not debian, or?
well, no. but you can chroot to a debian image

what is chroot?
imagine this as a sandbox, where you can play at, without touching the surrounding garden.

Isnt the display too small on a cellphone to use firefox and openoffice?
yes, indeed ;-) but you know why dogs lick their genitals? because they can !

If you want to give it a try on your own, install Xecutah on preware, and follow this instruction

and i did some pics also ... klick on "Read more" !!!

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