nice platformer: FiNCK 
1.10.12, 15:52 - retro & C64
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Nifflas has another free to play platform game...
good oldschool ware:
- nice retro grafx
- perfect gameplay (as always)
- a mix between sokoban and knytt stories I'd say ;-)

go take a look:

have fun, stay hungry!
retro game title "astronot" 
1.8.12, 12:44 - retro & C64
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here's a funny little (and indeed adictive) game i just got notice of:

te demo is free to play, so dl and have fun!

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using staroffice2 (1993) on modern systems  
1.7.12, 19:30 - retro & C64
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years ago i bought a little computer on ebay including a bunch of disks of "Office Pack 2.0", which is nothing less than

Star Office 2.0

from 1993 (i.e. the grandgrandgrandfather of libreoffice and openoffice). the computer was also from 1993 and more or less unusable except as a disk drive emulator for my atari800xl ;) ...

to preserve the programm for the rest of the world, I decided to copy the floppies to images, but never used it and forget about them.

today i was thinking (just for fun purpose) if i could use this tiny but powerfull office siute on a modern computer.

i chose not to install it on dosbox, but direct on my dualcore windoze pc.. . but what if this modern kind of pc does not have a disk drive to insert disks? the solution is a little tool called VFD - virtual floppy drive. the installation of VFD is simple and so i installed star office 2 in less then 1 minute.

a first check was perfect. its unbvelievable fast (yes modern computers are 1000 times faster than in 93 )
but what is a office suite worth w/o printer? the suite only supports a bunch of really old printers and they have to be connected to your pc ... no networking back then :(

so i installed a HP postscript printer driver, which is still a popular printer protocol. and the program allows to output to a file, which can be opened (& printed) with the unique UI and program "gsview" and "ghostscript"...

fast, powerful office suite on modern systems, with less then 4 MB (!)

your retro webdoktor

p.s. contact me to get a copy of staroffice2 ;)

StarWriter compact 2.0

p.s. also in this package were StarDraw 2.0 and StarBase 2.0

If you need images of the Floppies, use the contact link pleaase
brandnew C64 game "soulless" review 
23.6.12, 18:10 - retro & C64
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i've made some pictures of unboxing soulless, if you want you can take a closer look at my g+ account (link at the bottom or here )

the game is of middle to hard difficulty, especially jumping is tricky (and thus jumping is the major part of the game ....). thats my only point of critique, other than Andy

The gameplay reminds of "impossible mission": you have to move your character around rooms in a labyrinth and search the inside for parts of a puzzle. the artwork is of course totally different. the story is placed in a mistery/fantasy world rather than a futuristic underground cave system (a bit like in antiraid).

a lot of gimmicks are in the box: stickers, a CDROM with bonus material like maps an an interview with the authors,, the disk / tape / crt images and so on...) The Cartridge is violett (!) which glows when plugged in, another point for atmosphere. All Parts are professionally produced with high quality printings.

I still need to get better and find more time for training. Btw: at every single start the puzzle tiles are hidden somewhere else, which makes the game playable even after the first run.

Amazing to get a high quality c64 game for a computer after such a long time.
All in all:
90 / 100 %

soulless 1st impression 
8.6.12, 15:46 - retro & C64
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ein kleiner vorabblick in das spiel, welches in der bestellbestätigung schon als digitalcopie mitgeliefert wurde:
das gameplay erinnert an eine mischung aus rick dangerous und impossible mission. der schwierigkeitsgrad ist hoch, die steurerung prazise, aber nicht perfekt, das hüpfen vom fleck weg ist schwierig

mehr wenn das paeckchen da is

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