stuxnet - how good governmental cyberterrorists really are! 
28.9.10, 15:17
some years ago i got the chance to take a closer look into computersecurity, by visiting the course "SECU" in FFMs university held by prof. dr. k. rannenberg ...
he told us, that we cannot imagine the power and equipment security services have and what they are able to.

well: read this story:

a virus infected industrial computers by utilizing 4 (!) unknown windows exploits. it should have itself switched off by spring 2009, but as some computers were dated back to prolong software licenses, so it survived and was found ... 1 1/2 years later.

this unique piece of software, which was perfectly programmed and hidden in the systems, must have been created by professionals such as security services. it infiltrated mainly iranian computers and control systems.

if you combine massive problems of iranian enrichment of uranium since spring 2009 with the now occured news, it seems very very obvious who is behind this cyberwar.

no windows computer is safe against this virus, which was brought in by a single usb stux.

we learn 2 lessons:
- dont use windows.
- never ever put a foreign usbstick in your computer

read the german article in

nevertheless is leaves a bad aftertaste (this word really sounds disgusting in english :-) ), what if all atomic plants are infected. what if large industrial complexes are already under control. what if there are other viruses with different exploits infecting banking systems and stock markets, controlling prices.

i am really not a fan of conspiracy theories, but right now i feel the need to take on my tinfoil hat again...

golem befragte zum thema den "security experten" ralph langer. Zitat:
. Den Schadcode für die Anlagen selbst könnten "weltweit vielleicht zehn Leute entwickeln, und drei davon sitzen bei uns im Büro", sage der Security-Experte. Und weiter: "Ich kann Ihnen aber versichern, wir waren's nicht!".

... wenn der markt so klein ist, wird er die anderen 7 persönlich kennen :P


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