New features on WebOS 2.1 
2.3.11, 08:45 - Linux
I really couldn't wait any longer for a new device to be sold by hp in germany. so i hacked my palm pre (again) and installed
and a 1 ghz (overclocking) uberkernel

this telephone is mindblowing now.

First I will tell you something about the new features:
-There is a central programm for managing the online accounts (facebook, google, etc.) which makes life a lot easier.
-The programm launcher now offers "stacking" the programms. hfcoma says he would die for this feature, it offers a better overview to your opened programms. As i do not open 20 prgs at once i really do need other things more ;-)
-Speechdialer is a new programm that offers (as the programm suggests) a speechdialing version. this is really cool for bt heatset users.
-The app cataloge is renovated, offering a better overview. really good!
-a software manager lets you remove programs. (no more orange+tap)
-VPN prg by default
-the justType search function is way better than the old one. you can also add searchengines by yourself.

now for the things that get a "dislike"
-many programs are not ported to 2.1 yet.
-even the essential terminal and internalz are not portet (funny: internalz IS ported, but due to a NDA not available :/ ) UPDATE: internalz now available!!! thanks HPalm to allow the breaking of nda explizit :-D )
-flashplayer is too slow for showing videos. NO f* chance on that. but it works !!!

here some pics:


Administrator (der webdoktor) 
10.3.11, 18:05
and the speechdialer is activyted by pushing the headset button of course.
web doc 
4.3.11, 07:30
a dia show has been added to the photo viewer
it s possible to pair a bt kb

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