Palm Pre Display failure - no response 
4.12.09, 16:50 - Linux
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For the 2nd time in a month my Palm Pre died. Same failure as the 1st time. The display doesnt react on touches anymore.
Palm Service here in germany is very kind but lacks some essential things:
1. After I recieved a message "we will soon reply" nothing happened. I had to call again. - and again ....
2. within the first 30 days O2 was responsible for the device. the 1st time it went corrupt O2 repaired it - without knowing what to do, they simply changed the display, which was not the trigger for the error, just the result. - it had to die again :-(

3. I will not get a new device. just a repaired one :-(

and the really worst thing:

4. for 30 days now i have no working cell phone.

no really: they should react faster, without this much bureaucracy. (no joke: at least 20 phone calls 10 emails, 3 faxes) I think I can expect a working phone for 480 Euros. my old nokia is 8 years old, working every day till 1 month ago (cost: 1 euro ...)

sad immobile

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