automatic mode selector for webos 
16.7.10, 15:25 - Linux
gepostet von web doc

mode switcher

- new tool for palms webos popped out of nowhere: it automatically switches applications or modes on and off depending on where you are or what you are doing. socalled trigger events which can be time, location or charging based and those will automatical change wallpapers, sound status, messenger status, etc.
read: ... tcher.html

a really great thing if you ask me: i can turn on wifi when im in my shop or at home, based on the gps information, i can go online with my instant messanger if the device is charging, otherwise power consumption is too high. just great. i think i hav4e 1000000 more ideas of what my phone should do in a certain situation ...

go, tell me what would your phone should do when and where!


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