16.9.15, 16:06 - Linux
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LuneOS, fka openwebos, finally has been successfully installed on my TouchPad.

What I was missing most is the chance to use the optware feeds.
OPTware is something of a ARM precompiled linux program library.
I first used it on my NSLU2, later on my palm pre and now...


I go optware running on LuneOS
well I recalled the first time I ever installed optware on my palm pre. there was a instruction to manually do so on webos-internals, that was sadly removed when preware came up and nearly automatically installed optware.

Later there was a file, which I found on the internet archive. I saved it, and uploaded it to this server.
In LuneOS open Fingerterm and download the file by typing

now execute it by typing

this old file is not build by me. i'm just a fiddler with this thing, ... it is by:
# by Jack Cuyler (JackieRipper)
# jack at unixgeeks dot biz

reboot your device and you can enjoy hundrets of available precompiled command line tools

installing things should work with
ipkg-opt install foobar

where 'foobar' is the name of the program you want to install... ;)

now go on and try installing a command line tool like climm or cups...

have fun with this device

yours ,

The old original instruction is still there, its just not linkt anymore on webos-internals.. look: weiterlesen ...

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