Another C64 Quality Game On Sale Now 
25.2.13, 16:21 - retro & C64
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Assembloids, a puzzle reaction game, hit the C64 Market.
Even though it has been available for quiet a long time as download, 'heavystylus' started selling it as Cartridge Version.
No need to tell you that I love Mr. Monkmans Carts, with the lovely stickers inside the cardboard boxes. So I purchased my Cart and I am really happy about it :-)

If you as non C64 User want to try out this lovely game, check the prequel, a PC flash game:

The C64 Version is a bit faster and more tricky than the flash version, but the characters look quiet idetntically. The Pixel Artist is called ILKke and (ftw) all robots really look heavyly inspired by Ptoing, my #1 pixelat0r ...

So much reasons to give this game a try!

have fun!

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