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Tiny Basic is another Basic Client for old Microcontroller Computers.
It's famous for its very little size. For example, it is running on an KIM-1 with only 4K of RAM.

The original author Tom Pittman tells the story of it's creation:
In 1976 at the HomeBrew Computer Club (HBCC), there was a lot of whining about Bill Gates charging $150 for his Basic interpreter. Dennis Allison responded by printing a "Build Your Own [tiny] Basic" article, so I asked if anybody would buy it if it cost only $5. There seemed to be some affirmation, so I wrote my interpreter. Others jumped on the same article, and I wasn't the first done, but I wanted to be paid for my efforts. As far as I know, nobody at HBCC bought it, but I sent a freebie to Byte magazine and they printed a 1-inch announcement. The next month my mailbox was full of orders, every one with $5. I didn't get rich off it, but it did pay a lot of my expenses at grad school.

One of the most obscure Computer magazines formed around this Tiny Basic:
Dr. Dobb's Journal of COMPUTER Calisthenics & Orthodontia
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dr._Dobb%27s_Journal It lasted 38 Years till 2014 (!)

If you want to try it yourself, go ahead and find some Interpreter for your system on Tom's Page http://www.ittybittycomputers.com/IttyBitty/TinyBasic/

If you have a KIM or a KIM Clone, I found two working versions; one for 4K Ram, one for KIMs with MEM Expansions.
Both run from Adress 0200. Remember to always clear your decimal flags!

Get it here: netzherpes.de/Tiny_KIM.zip

Have Fun

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