KIM-1 ROM Board expansion 
26.5.21, 07:48 - retro & C64
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My KIM-1 clone ('PAL-1') is growing fast.
After the fabulous dTR Masss Storage by Willem Aandewiel, I got a real Audio-in/Audio-out Expansion Card from Liu:

You see an newly produced Tape Deck sending Data to the brandnew 32k KIM-1 Clone equipped with a brandnew Cassette Interface Kit.

But we haven't reached the end yet. James 'Jim' McClanahan tinkered a bitbit and build a ROM Board containing the most needed Tools for your PAL-1:
And Liu was fast enough to immediately produce this boards :D

As of today, the ROM Boards are available on Tindie, just visit Liu's shop:

BTW: My KIM-1 Archive is growing and growing. If you are looking for software or books, just come over to my

Stay curious

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