Raspberry Pi \\\\o/ 
28.12.12, 11:29 - Linux
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Zum Geburtstag gabs einen winzig kleinen raspberry pi von HFCOMA.
wahnsinnig geil das kleine ding. und weil es so günstig und ausdrücklich zum hacken da ist, hat sich eine riesige hackergemeinde dran gemacht das beste aus dem minicomputer rauszuholen.

der neueste clou ist die portierung des betriebssystems plan9 auf den rpi. das werde ich mir unbedingt mal anschauen.

ubuntu shockwave flash plugin does not load / crashes / missing plugin 
28.10.12, 09:55 - Linux
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OK. now this cost me 6 h to figure out.
The story: my wifes computer is rather old and since half a year if woulndt play flash movies / plugins at all. I installed chrome to use html 5 to watch youtube, but some still didnt play, as "comercialized" clips still need the flash plugin.
ok now i really wanted to watch this years x partys live stream on http://scenesat.com/video (a c64 demo party) on her computer, but.... no flash no party...

So I set down and googled for this problem
System: Ubuntu
Browser: neither Firefox nor Chrome nor Chromium works
Flash installed: 11.2 (latest version)

I followed all the good tipps: delete double installed flash players, apt-get purge flashplugins, reinstall again and again..
nothing worked for me. even not downloading the flashplugin by hand and putting it in the correct folderworked.
Firefox just flickered, Chrome told me about

shockwave flash. konnte nicht gestartet werden

and chromium said "missing plugin"

but i was confused: i heard chrome brings its own plugin called "pepper" ... nope it wasn't used on my computer...
so i renamed the pepper plugin and put it in the plugin folder (as suggested in more than one forum), but: not working _at all_ BIG SHIT

Ive tried everything 10 times, till i found out whats going wrong:


As well Pepper flash plugin as adobe flash plugin 11.2 use a CPU feature called SSE2
chrome noticed this and didnt install pepper.... UBUNTU F*ING DID NOT ... it installed libflashplugin.so version 11.2 on my Athlon 2200+

6 goddamn hours trying and getting 'good tipps' on how to fix it in forums (ubuntu forums): "remove conflicting versions ,,, blablabla"
I'm both pissed and glad - pissed about ubuntu and adobe trying to auto install the 11.2 on an athlon and glad i figured it out on my own... on my search i've seen 100 of ppl with exact same problem, and noone helped them :-(


2 minute fix: download the (older) adobe flash player version 11.1 from the archived versions site from adobe.

when you found this page you already know how to install this by hand.
note: this only helps if you use a 32 bit athlon processor or your /cpu/proc doesn't tell about SSE2 feature

need sleep now :/


TPM TC UEFI and Richards rants, part 2, Linus answers 
12.6.12, 11:22 - Linux
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Remember what i said half a year ago?
If UEFI is implemented the right way, there is no need to fear anything, and no need to trouble over microsofts call to make computers more save. even i do admit to use TMP n some cases.

http://www.netzherpes.de/blog/index.php ... 019-095156

now I am reading an interesting debate about just this with Linus Torvalds, and he is exactly saying this:
I’m certainly not a huge UEFI fan, but at the same time I see why you might want to have signed bootup etc.[...] Yes, yes, the sky is falling, and I should be running around like a headless chicken in despair over signing keys. But as long as you can disable the key checking in order for kernel developers to be able to do their job, signed binaries really can be a (small) part of good security. I could see myself installing a key of my own in a machine that supports it.


Even the he Linux foundation suggests how Secure Boot should be used with Linux:
Some observers have expressed concerns that secure boot could be used to exclude open systems from the market, but, as we have shown above, there is no need for things to be that way. [...]

http://www.linuxfoundation.org/publicat ... -platforms

It's so nice to know I'm not the only one that thinks this way :-D

spotify auf webos in HD !!! touchpad endlich mit passender app 
15.3.12, 14:19 - Linux
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der user AARON hat einen patch für das touchpad entwickelt um die app in ha laufen zu lassen. geht prima:


Spotify endlich auch in Deutschland 
14.3.12, 11:58 - Linux
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nachdem ich schon längere Zeit voller Neid auf meine Scchwedischen Freunde geschaut habe ob ihrer möglichkeit die Musik Seite "spotify.com" zu nutzen, kam gestern endlich die tolle nachricht: ja, jetzt auch in Germland nutzbar \o/ *jubel*

und was macht man wenn man ein palm pre hat? oder ein touchpad oder veer? ... das "offizielle" spotify programm für webOS wurde nicht mehr auf aktuelle webos versionen portiert und läßt sich automatisch nicht mehr installieren...
wie gut dass man das alles händisch machen kann:
http://gdgt.com/question/want-to-instal ... chpad-frs/
7 schritte zu spotify auf modernen webos plattformen :-D

ein zusatz noch: spotify mobile verlangt einen nutzernamen und ein passwort. da man sich neuerdings nurnoch über facebook einloggen kann muss man anschliessend auf "create password for your device" klicken ... dann gibts einen numerischen nutzernamen, mit ausgesuchtem passwort...

liebe grüße und viel spass mit spotify auf webos in deutschland

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