How to Create Timelaps Videos with a Raspberry Pi 
20.6.13, 10:36 - Linux
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Since a g+ post from david singleton I too wanted to create such a cool timelaps video.

After some other projects on my Rpi I now found some time to install my cheap nikon L25 to the Raspberry and start recording :-)
well, in the end it worked...

some remarks:
Nautilus accesses the camera as soon as it is plugged in ... you must kill the process b4 accessing the camera with gphoto ( )
Nikon L25 has some kind of software error. The PTP mode hangs up if gphoto is used once. turn the cam on / off again :-( nevertheless 'gphoto2 --capture-image-and-download --interval=60' works...
ffmpeg needs renamed photos starting at something like foo1.jpg. DSCN0013.JPG as 1st pic will not work :-((thanks ... th-ffmpeg/ )

have fun!


the problems above seem to disappear if you just boot your pi to console mode

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