another Chameleon64 Core released - the MSX 
12.10.14, 15:02 - retro & C64
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another Chameleon64 Core released - the MSX

these are amazing times for chameleon64 (a fpga based computer) owners:
another working Core has been released by alastair

The MSX2 Computer

This 8bit System was originally released in 1984 and is more or less a "standarized" computer, manufactured by a lot of companies.

The FPGA translation is called OneChipMSX and works quiet brilliant on the Chameleon64.
Please follow the installation instructions by Alastair M. Robinson which can be found here
(for all german followers: I found a detailed installation instruction + quickmanual at

A lot of ginuine software has been produced (mostly in JP) like Metal Gear Solid or Space Manbow

just take a look yourself and enjoy:

yours, webdoc

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