On the search for KIM-1 literature - Auf der suche nach KIM-1 Literatur 
10.2.21, 14:13 - retro & C64
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It is sadly not very easy to find Programs or books for the KIM-1. Despite this microcomputer has been very popular in the late 70s, most pieces seem to end in the trashbin in the euphoric belief in progress. Old programs, Books, Tapes, magazines are rare. Hans Otten and Rich Cini did a great Job in preserving those last memories of existence (see https://www.netzherpes.de/blog/index.php?entry=MOS-KIM-1-resources ), but you should never rely on just one sauce. (Old BBQ wisdom)

Meanwhile I started a small collection of PDFs.
BTW: This one has not been found anywhere else. I got it from a little old book shop around the corner
Günther Eisenack - Programmieren von Mikrocomputern (Skriptum)

The rest of the collection is on a google drive (maybe I put it on Netzherpes later...)
KIM-1 Collection on my Google Drive

Have Fun,

And in german:

Es ist gar nicht so leicht Programme oder Literatur über den KIM-1 zu finden. Zwar war der Mikrocomputer Ende der 70er überaus beliebt, doch scheint in der Euphorie durch den Glauben an den Fortschritt vieles im Orkus gelandet zu sein. Alte Programme, Kasetten, Bücher, sind rar.

Mittlerweile habe ich eine kleine PDF Sammlung angelegt, doch dieses Exemplar hier konnte ich nirgendwo online finden:

Günther Eisenack - Programmieren von Mikrocomputern (Skriptum)

Und hier der Link für die gesamte KIM-1 Sammlung auf meinem Google Drive

Viel Spass,


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2.2.21, 08:46 - retro & C64
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Just a minor update for my PAL-1 ... a little acryl housing

so long
KIM-1 scrolltext 
23.1.21, 20:29 - retro & C64
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results in the Punchtape Output

Start the programm at 0200.

Have fun,
MOS KIM-1 resources 
20.1.21, 14:31 - retro & C64
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This is a linklist, or a personal reminder for myself to collect KIM-programs, books, links and so on...

Games: https://github.com/jefftranter/6502/tree/master/asm/KIM-1/TheFirstBookOfKIM/Games

Short KIM Reference: https://github.com/jefftranter/6502/blob/master/docs/KIM-1QuickReference.pdf

Micro Magazine
Micro Magazine List https://archive.org/details/micromagazine
Best of micro: https://archive.org/details/Best_of_Micro_The_Volume_1_1978_COMPUTERIST_The_US
Best of Micro #2 https://archive.org/details/Best_of_Micro_The_Volume_2_1979_COMPUTERIST_The_US

Tiny Basic Anleitung https://archive.org/details/tiny-basic-handbuch-hofacker

Hans Otten's KIM Sites: http://retro.hansotten.nl/6502-sbc/kim- ... -software/
Hans Otten's Micro-KIM Resources http://retro.hansotten.nl/6502-sbc/kim- ... micro-kim/

De KIM Kenner und "De 6502 Kenner" http://retro.hansotten.nl/6502-sbc/kim-6502-up-kenner/

First Book of KIM https://archive.org/details/The_First_Book_of_KIM

Erik Bartmanns KIM Seite https://www.erik-bartmann.de/?Projekte___KIM_1

A MOS Technology 6510 Cross-Assembler and Disassembler: win2c64/lin2c64/mac2c64 mit Paper output ... https://www.aartbik.com/retro.php

Briel Forum (with AARTs totorials) http://www.brielcomputers.com/phpBB3/vi ... amp;t=1739

Rich Cini's scanned magazines (Kim Notes, Micro and many more http://cini.classiccmp.org/mags.htm#KIMNotes

PAL-1 - the KIM-1 Clone 
17.1.21, 12:49 - retro & C64
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The PAL-1, a KIM-1 Clone arrived on thursday direct from Wuhan. It is kind of similar to Ruud's and Vinces KIM Clones, with a new and very clean and clear motherboard layout.
You may ask what the KIM-1 is. Well, it's the famous preprepredecessor of all homecomputers. Really all.
I't ROM contained 2 Operating systems, switchable by a jumper: One for the onboard I/O (it is equipped with 6 LED digits for output and 23 buttons for input) and the second for serial line I/O.

My soldering skills were enough to assemble the kit in 3 hours. The power input states 6VDC, but my experience was that the 7805 needs a bit more to let the serial Line work correct. I chose 7.5 V.

To transfer programs to the KIM, you can paste Textfiles from the Terminal program. It needs a bit of tinkering to find the exact delay
200 ms Line delay and 20 ms Character delay is working for my setup
(after each Line a checksum is being sent, so the line delay must be a bit higher).

TinyBasic (4 kb) transfered in 2 minutes, lager programs wil be a pita.

So, now let's start reading "The First Book of KIM" by Butterfield, Ockers, Rehnke and push the limits

So long,

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