fooseball internet stream 
19.6.10, 13:07 - Dies und Das
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In Germany the statecontrolled TV stations offer to view the soccer world championship via internet.... at least they tried to :-(

As the last match of the german team was at noon, and all working population were trying to to watch the event over internet. Guess what: the servers simply broke down. ... 25461.html
I'm one of the lucky non-Fans, so i really didnt care at all, but my employees were really pissed. lol. hmmm .
At least the next match against Ghana is @ 20.30 cetdst, so the boys can watch it at home :-)

reading ebooks on your Cellphone 
15.6.10, 14:55
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I simply cannot believe it: since 3 month ebooks pop up in my palm appcatalogue. well, all these books are not copy right protected and can be read free anyway :-O it doesnt matter if shakespeare or goethe: project gutenberg offers them for free.
to view them in a comfortable way, choose "html uncompressed".

here one of my fav's: ... 1000-h.htm

there is another "projekt gutenberg" offered by the german mag "Spiegel". it's regular updated and contains more books in german language. tip: choose "Druckversion" here to recieve a readable document.

this tip is also meant for friends starting a midsommar trip to swede. have a nice holiday. :*
specially for you hfcoma: \o/
dottore di internet

please do not spend money for things that are free. this is an axiome for life registriert 
14.6.10, 08:48 - Dies und Das
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ich bin meiner intuition gefolgt und habe einfach mal die domain gesichert.
eine provisorische indexseite ist auch schon oben...
ich denke ich werde eine informative seite zum thema fugenbegrünung aufstellen, bei der auch quendel und moossteinbrech bedacht werden. aber erstmal die "sagina" seite schlön machen


was macht man nicht alles um die eigene shopseite zu boosten ;-)


Ja Wahnsinn, 
12.6.10, 12:25 - Dies und Das
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heute kommen die Onlinebestellungen im Minutentakt ;-) geilomat :-)

Ich habe eine neue Infoseite gebastelt die meinen Meistverkauften Artikel (Sternmoos) anpreist:

hmmm. ich denke ich werde mir sichern :D
web d o c
another saturday... 
12.6.10, 10:04 - Dies und Das
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my weekend is near :-P exatly 6 hours of work left b4 i can start partying.
(well, not exactly "party"...)

things to be done @home
-lawn needs cutting
-carport needs to be worked on
-maybe those other three reasons want to go to the public pool...
-darling wants to be hugged ( <3 luv u sweetheart <3 )

and guess what: only 5h 30 minutes of work left now :-)

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